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Aakash BYJU’S Live NEET Preparation Course

Unlocking the Door to Medical Aspirations

Product Description

Aakash BYJU’S Live NEET Preparation Course is meticulously designed to prepare students for the NEET exam, qualifying them for prestigious medical seats, including AIIMS.

Classes Schedule
  • Class 11 - 12: 5-6 Days a Week: Two 80 min classes with 10 min break
  • Class 12+ (Repeaters): 5-6 Days a Week: Three 80 min classes with 10 min break after each Class

Subjects Covered
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology (Botany + Zoology)

Why Choose Aakash BYJU'S Live NEET Course?
  • Proven Success: A legacy of over 32 years in NEET preparation, consistently delivering top results.
  • Vast Syllabus Mastery: NEET’s extensive syllabus demands two years of focused and intensive study, which our course meticulously covers.
  • Innovative Teaching Methodology: A two-teacher model for live classes ensures comprehensive understanding and doubt resolution.

Key Features
  • Innovative Learning Model: Our pioneering two-teacher model in live classes guarantees not just clarity in concept delivery but also instant doubt resolution.
  • Adaptive Learning and Performance Analysis: We offer a dynamic learning environment with adaptive practice modules, catering to the individual pace and needs of each student.
  • Extensive Study Material: Access to a vast array of study materials, including theoretical books, practice sets, rapid revision materials, Olympiad modules, and more.
  • Parental Involvement: Stay informed with regular progress updates and detailed monthly reports, facilitating a supportive learning environment at home.

Testing & Revision
  • Rigorous Testing Strategy: A mix of periodic, term, and open tests, along with an All India Test Series for national benchmarking of performance.
  • Simulated Exam Environment: Exam environment and competition scale simulating the actual exam with our Rank-Predictor giving a rank as if the student is competing against 15-20 lakh students, preparing students for the actual exam conditions.
  • Focused Revision Series: Live revision classes and a flagship test series in the final months, ensuring complete readiness.

  • Tutor on Demand: 1:1 video sessions with tutors to address individual learning needs.
  • ‘Ask-a-Doubt’ Feature: Immediate resolution of doubts through image, text, or scribble inputs.
  • Periodic Doubt Classes: Regularly scheduled doubt classes to not only clear doubts, but also observe how your peers are thinking about concepts and problems.

Course Structure
  • Preparation Span: NEET Preparation requires a focused preparation of 2 years, covering an extensive syllabus approximately three times that of class 10.
  • Curriculum Design: The curriculum is scientifically designed to move gradually from basic to advanced levels, ensuring a stress-free learning progression.
  • Pre and Post Class Activities: Each class is complemented with pre-class preparation materials and post-class homework and notes, ensuring continuous engagement and revision.
  • Flagship Test Series and Revision: Our Flagship Test Series (FTS) and live revision sessions in the final months cover both Class 11 and 12 syllabuses, ensuring comprehensive revision and readiness.

Faculty Excellence
  • Master Teachers: Be taught by the best in the field, such as Nitin Vijay Sir, Shishir Mittal Sir, Saching Kapoor Sir, Mrinal Shree Sir, Pankhuri Miglani Ma'am, Pushpendu Sir and Nitika Duggal Ma'am; ensuring you receive top-quality education and insights.
  • Expert Faculty: Learning from the best teachers in the country, who are rigorously selected and trained to provide the highest quality education.

Enrollment and Access
  • Accessible Anywhere: The course is available online, offering flexibility and convenience to students across India and beyond.

Embark on a journey towards medical success with Aakash BYJU’S Live NEET Preparation Course – where tradition meets technology for unparalleled learning.

Aakash BYJU'S NEET 1
I chose Aakash BYJU'S because I needed a competitive environment for my NEET preparation. Also, Aakash BYJU'S has produced good results in the past.

AIR 3, NEET-UG 2023

Kaustav Bauri

Aakash BYJU'S NEET 2
It were the books that drew me in to Aakash BYJU'S because the study packages were so well structured. And then I attended a class and decided this is it for me.

AIR 5, NEET-UG 2023

Dhruv Advani

Aakash BYJU'S NEET 3
I chose Aakash BYJU'S because the previous NEET results were very impressive. Also, it one of the best Institutes for Medical Preparation as per my seniors and friends told me.

AIR 6, NEET-UG 2023

Surya S Nagarajan