BYJU'S Online Classroom Program - JEE + NEET
BYJU'S Online Classroom Program - JEE + NEET
BYJU'S Online Classroom Program - JEE + NEET
BYJU'S Online Classroom Program - JEE + NEET
BYJU'S Online Classroom Program - JEE + NEET
BYJU'S Online Classroom Program - JEE + NEET
BYJU'S Online Classroom Program - JEE + NEET

BYJU'S Online Classroom Program - JEE + NEET

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BYJU’S Online Classroom Program for JEE/NEET 2022 is a comprehensive and exhaustive online program conducted by India’s Largest Ed-Tech Company. The 5 day a week program consists of Concept Classes, DPP (Daily Practice Problem) and Practice Sheet Discussion, Doubt Solving Sessions, Personalized Support Classes, Adaptive Practice Tests, Comprehensive Study Material and All India Test Series. In this program, every student is assigned a mentor who guides him throughout the course and ensures that the student is on the path of success. Apart from JEE Main and Advanced or NEET Exam, this program also prepares students for all other Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams.



  1. BYJU’S Online Classroom Program - JEE + NEET is for Class 11 students, covering Class 11+12 for JEE/NEET 2022.
  2. BYJU’S Online Classroom Program - JEE + NEET is a 2 yr course which is available for JEE/NEET 2022 Aspirants.


Exams Covered:

  1. Engineering: JEE (Main+Advanced) + State Engineering
  2. Medical: NEET + JIPMER


Medium of Instruction

  1. English: Teaching in English and material in English. 



  1. Concept Classes: Concept Classes consist of Online Classes and Video Lessons taken by some of India’s Best JEE/NEET trainers. 
  • Online Classes: Online Classes (3 to 5 days a week) by India’s Best JEE/NEET Trainers with Live Doubt Solving makes a student understand each concept completely and ensures that all doubts are cleared. Every Online Class comes with a detailed discussion of DPP and Practice Sheet to ensure that you not only understand the concepts but also learn the application of those concepts in problem solving which is key to success in an exam like JEE/NEET.
  • Video Lessons: Video lessons (attend anytime) where each concept is explained visually helps a student prepare for the class and also revise a concept after the class. Also, a student can attend a video lesson multiple times till he does not understand the concept completely.

    The combination of Online Classes and Video Lessons ensures that the student understands the concepts and its application comprehensively as per the JEE/NEET requirement. Also the 5 day a week program ensures that you complete the syllabus well in advance.  Students will receive study material in the form of books which will be couriered.


  1. Daily Practice Problem and Practice Sheet Discussion: The well designed and structured DPP ensures that you revise the concepts every week across all the topics. This is critical for an exam like JEE/NEET. The objective of the Practice Sheet Discussion is to ensure that you learn to apply the concepts taught in the Class. 

    DPP and Practice Sheet Discussion ensures that you bring your understanding and application of each concept to the required JEE/NEET level.


  1. Personalized Support Classes: 80% of JEE/NEET candidates fail to crack the exam only because of their weakness in one subject. The Personalized Support Classes addresses the problem by making a student attend extra support classes (conducted 2-3 times a week) in topics where his performance is not at the required JEE/NEET level.

    Personalized Support Classes ensures that you spend more time on your weaker topics increasing your chances of success. Also, for your strong topics, you are provided with Advanced Level Practice Sheets and Discussion to ensure that you maximize your score in your stronger topics. This strategy helps you maximize your performance in JEE/NEET


  1. Comprehensive Study Material: Our study material is designed by a highly experienced team of JEE/NEET trainers and is updated regularly as per the changes in the exam pattern. You are also provided with special material (apart from extra classes and mock tests) to help you prepare for all other Engineering Exams.


  1. Unlimited Adaptive Practice Tests: Practice is the key to success in any test. The BYJU’S Online Classroom Program for JEE/NEET offers a unique adaptive and unlimited practice platform by India’s Largest Ed-tech company. Apart from the DPP and Practice Sheet, the practice platform offers you unlimited adaptive tests as per your understanding of the topic. Every test on a topic starts with basic conceptual questions and progresses to more advanced level questions as you keep learning the concepts by solving the problems.       


  1. All India Test Series: The only AITS to be conducted in the CBT mode at a physical center near you! BYJU’S AITS for JEE/NEET will not only help you check your performance at All India Level but will also get you ready for the exam in the best possible way. Every test is followed by a detailed test discussion to help you realise the gaps in your preparation. 


  1. Personal Mentor: Every student is assigned a personal mentor to guide him through the course. The mentor support is available 7 days a week (from 10am - 8pm). The mentor will regularly check the performance of the student and will help him with the program as per the requirements. E.g. if your mentor sees that you are weak in a certain topic like Stoichiometry, he will help schedule support classes for that.


  1. Preparation for Other Exam: BYJU’S Online Classroom Program also provides you with extra classes, practice papers and test series for other exams like KCET, Pre-RMO,KVPY etc.