Class 10 Board Solved Mock Papers | Math & Science

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- Two Science mock board papers (2024) with detailed solutions.
- Two Math mock board papers (2024) with detailed solutions.



Question Format: The examination includes questions framed with the exact board exam pattern (2024) having 5 sections to evaluate your knowledge and application skills effectively.

Competency Questions: 50% of the questions are competency-based, aligning with the CBSE board's 2024 pattern, focusing on assessing applied knowledge and skills.

Answer Key: An exhaustive answer key is provided for all questions, allowing for detailed self-assessment. The key includes comprehensive explanations for complex and competency-based questions, facilitating a deeper understanding of each topic.

Expertly Crafted: Our question bank is the result of meticulous efforts by subject matter experts who specialize in board exam preparation. Their extensive experience ensures that our content is highly relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with the latest syllabus and exam patterns, including the newest competency-based question format.

Usage Instructions:

Setup: Create a conducive, exam-like environment to accurately simulate test conditions. Ensure you have a timer, answer sheets, and permitted stationery ready before you begin.

Timing: Strictly adhere to the 3-hour limit for completing the paper to cultivate effective time management skills crucial for the actual exam.

Scoring: Utilize the provided answer key for self-scoring after completing the exam. Approach this process with integrity for a truthful assessment of your exam readiness.

Review: Thoroughly review the explanations provided in the answer key, paying special attention to any incorrect or uncertain responses. This review is vital for closing knowledge gaps and refining your understanding.