BYJU'S Early Learn Program - Class 1

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Discover the magic of learning with BYJU’S Early Learn
🚀 We understand that children are naturally playful, curious, and super active learners. That's why we've crafted a program where they can learn quickly by having fun and staying interested in their studies.

  🌟 Did you know, 95% of your child's brain develops by age 10? That's why it's crucial to make learning fun and engaging early on. This forms the foundation for their academic journey. Our program ensures a strong learning foundation, recognizing the dependency of senior classes on topics taught in junior classes.


The BYJU'S Early Learn Program is designed by experts to encourage core skill development in Math, Science and English.

Here's how we do it: each topic is transformed into exciting quests, and each quest is like a mini adventure for your child. We deliver these quests in various engaging formats - from animated video lessons that bring concepts to life, to interactive video lessons that let them explore at their own pace, and quizzes that add an element of fun assessment.

What makes it even more magical? Your child gets to dive into these quests alongside their favorite characters! Imagine learning Math or Science with characters they love – it turns every lesson into a delightful journey.

And the secret sauce? Storytelling! We wrap each concept in captivating stories, keeping your child hooked from start to finish. When learning feels like an exciting story, they pay full attention because they really want to know what happens next! This not only helps them understand better but also makes learning more fun. And stories not only help in academics, but are great for overall child development.

BYJU’S Early Learn program provides a balanced learning experience with a personal connection, physical actions and digital interactivity that can do wonders for a child during the early years.

So, why not give your child the best start to learning? Join us at BYJU’S Early Learn, where every lesson is an adventure, and every concept is a quest waiting to be explored! ✨

Jax & Jane characters teach in a nice way. I feel like I'm actually in their world.

Class 2, Bengaluru

Akshara Menon

I love the worksheets and animated videos are very good. I am very happy.

Class 1, Mumbai


I love to do maths on the App. I also love the characters and stories.

Class 2, Bengaluru