Class 5 - Maths & Science
Class 5 - Maths & Science

Class 5 - Maths & Science

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  • Best teachers from across India provide more than a thousand hours of engaging video lessons
  • Students become self-learners by taking chapter-wise tests and developing problem-solving skills
  • Animated video lessons help students learn complex concepts in an easier manner
  • Students will have 24-hour access to the learning platform where their queries will be answered by subject matter experts
  • The personalised learning programs easily adapt to every student’s learning requirements and allows a student to learn at their own pace
  • The application is compatible with Android version above 4.2.1 and above for both smartphones and tablets without internet

Product Description

BYJU’S - The Learning App offers visually engaging personalised learning programs for CBSE, ICSE, and other state board curriculum. The learning platform brings together the best teachers, and advanced technology to provide personalised feedback to students.

The app explains the learning concepts through video lessons, which help build a strong foundation for the conceptual understanding of different topics. Movie-like lessons, game-like tests, and attractive animations make learning fun and exciting for students.

BYJU’S helps students initiate learning on their own. The learning app creates personalised learning experiences by understanding the learning journey and engagement levels of a student with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language. The application also provides detailed suggestions and feedback to students to improve their learning ability. Parents can also keep track of their child’s progress through the BYJU’S Parent Connect App.