BYJU'S Home Learning Program - Lenovo 10"

BYJU'S Home Learning Program - Lenovo 10"

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What is BYJU'S Home Learning Program (BHLP)?

The BYJU’S Home Learning Program offers BYJU’S - The Learning App and BYJU’S Tutor. BYJU’S -The Learning App helps students master concepts through visually rich, personalized learning programs and BYJU’S Tutor, a one-of-a-kind connect and learn feature, will enable a BYJU’S certified teacher to make the student revise concepts, make him or her practice problems and solve any doubts in real-time

Under BHLP, a student gets to learn in the best possible way through engaging and personalized programs. BYJU’S Tutor ensures a high engagement through scheduled learning and constant guidance from BYJU’S education experts.

Program Features 

  • 1Personalized learning programs

  • Practice sessions with tutors

  • Topic choice flexibility 

  • Understand complex concepts 

  • Clear doubts 

  • Revise concepts

  • Students will receive study material in the form of books which will be couriered
  • Solve questions real-time with tutors