BYJU'S Live Classes - Class 6

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BYJU'S Live Classes
BYJU'S Live Classes

Tuitions Redefined - Delivering superior learning and results through a unique two-teacher model

Subjects Covered
  • Maths
  • Science
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Special Doubt Resolution Class

Why Choose BYJU'S Live Classes

Two-teacher advantage
  • One teacher teaches concepts: The expert teacher explains and teaches topics in-depth ensuring conceptual clarity.
  • Other teacher pays personal attention: The second teacher facilitates a class of 20 and pays attention to individual student’s needs making the sessions interactive and engaging.
  • Visualisation: The expert teacher teaches concepts using strong visuals and storytelling.
  • Instant doubt solving: The second teacher solves doubts instantly, conducts tests and assigns homework.

BYJU’S proven academic methodology
  • Designed to deliver results: Every class is carefully designed by experts with methods that are proven to give results.
  • Classes structured to learn-practice-revise: Classes are structured to help students not just learn concepts but also practice and revise them.
  • Tests, quizzes and worksheets: Tests, quizzes and worksheets for better practice and retention.

Innovation and interactivity of BYJU'S app
  • 24/7 video lessons on the app: Learn from engaging & interactive video lessons on app.
  • Personalised learning journeys: Every student will have their unique learning journey as per their needs and pace.
  • Unlimited practice and revision: Revisit topics multiple times and practice with unlimited quizzes and tests on the app.
  • Individual knowledge graph: Helps students identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

A 360° teaching + learning system
  • Homework: Worksheets, class notes and practice through BYJU’S - The Learning App.
  • Testing: Monthly subjective and objective tests covering the full syllabus and test discussions.
  • Reporting: Monthly report cards and completion rates.
  • Parent Teacher Meetings: Mentor feedback and guidance through PTMs.
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"I found a steady routine with BYJU'S Classes. Thanks to the app, I could study at my own pace and become a better learner."

Class 10, Rajasthan

Pranshu Jhunjhunwala

Frame 1244831672.png__PID:4a2aba7a-a9bf-491a-980d-3455571701bf

"Thanks to BYJU'S Classes, I have learned to streamlime my study routine and prepare for my board exams."

Class 10, Punjab

Chaahat Baghla

Frame 1244831673.png__PID:ff0472fe-072b-406e-8adf-d909408d4a2a

"The BYJU'S Classes helped me get a better udnerstanding of the concepts. At the end of every live class, the teachers discussed the important areas to focus on, which help me prepare well for my board exams."

Class 6, Bareilly

Noor Alam