BYJU'S Live Classes - Class 5

BYJU'S Live Classes - Class 5
BYJU'S Live Classes - Class 5
BYJU'S Live Classes - Class 5
BYJU'S Live Classes - Class 5
BYJU'S Live Classes - Class 5
BYJU'S Live Classes - Class 5

BYJU'S Live Classes - Class 5

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Improve your child's school performance with BYJU'S Classes!

At BYJU’S Classes we have two teachers! One teacher explains concepts, and the other helps with questions and gives personal attention.



Why is BYJU'S Classes great? Well, keeping your child interested in learning is key. When they're interested, they work harder and learn more. Traditional ways of learning can be boring and make kids either understand or just memorize stuff, which isn't effective. Sometimes, kids end up not liking a subject or even being scared of it!

But with BYJU’S Classes, that's changing! We don't just want your child to like learning; we want them to really get it. We start with the basics because they're like the building blocks for harder concepts, and we think it's important to get that foundation early. Understanding concepts, especially in the early years, is super important for doing well in higher classes. And you know what else is important? Getting their doubts answered right away. If kids can't get their questions answered quickly, they might get stuck.


Here is how BYJU’S Classes brings 4 important benefits to the students:

    • 1. Deep understanding of topics: Expert teachers use awesome videos to make learning fun. Teachers will conducts interactives quizzes in class and also give regular homework after every class.

    • 2. Getting doubts answered quickly: Teachers help right away in class and through chat after class, and there are special doubt classes every week.

    • 3. Learning at their Speed: We teach as fast or slow as your child needs, and in the language they like.

  • 4. Getting Ready for Exams: Special classes, tests every month, and extra classes before big exams. We also have workshops in English every week.

    Make learning awesome with BYJU'S Classes – where understanding is the goal, and success is just around the corner!


    Frame 1244831675.png__PID:ea6f8ff4-d0bc-440e-8da4-363d10aeff04

    Pranshu Jhunjhunwala

    Class 10, Rajasthan

    "I found a steady routine with BYJU'S Classes. Thanks to the app, I could study at my own pace and become a better learner."

    Frame 1244831672.png__PID:4a2aba7a-a9bf-491a-980d-3455571701bf

    Chaahat Baghla

    Class 10, Punjab

    "Thanks to BYJU'S Classes, I have learned to streamlime my study routine and prepare for my board exams."

    Frame 1244831673.png__PID:ff0472fe-072b-406e-8adf-d909408d4a2a

    Noor Alam

    Class 6, Bareilly

    "The BYJU'S Classes helped me get a better udnerstanding of the concepts. At the end of every live class, the teachers discussed the important areas to focus on, which help me prepare well for my board exams."