BYJU’S Tablet with Recorded classes - Class 9

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Features LearnStation Laptop Tablet
Built for learning
Self-standing form
Grade-specific content
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What is LearnStation? LearnStation is the world's first-ever kid's personal learning device with a Kid centric design approach. This all-new device for learning aims at creating the best tech-enabled, at-home learning experience for students. Perfect cross between tablet or Laptop, this BYJU'S Tablet keeps your kid away from distraction.
Target Audience Students between ages of 3 to 18 years.
How is it different from any other tablet? LearnStation is made specifically for children to bring the best of both online and offline learning experiences. The device creates a foundation for both hardware and software capabilities to innovate and redefine teaching and learning. It offers a personal learning space for students. Additionally, the ergonomic design encourages longer and more enriching study sessions.
FAQs Q> Can one not install BYJU'S app on their tablets and use the same offerings without buying this device? BYJU'S app provides the content for learning, which is pre-installed in LearnStation. One can download the BYJU'S app on their smartphones, however, the learning experience won't be the same. With LearnStation, you won't have to worry about holding the device during any session. All you have to do is set the device in front of your child and be done. The larger screen with HD display enhances the video viewing experience, in turn engaging the child and encouraging a serious sit-down learning journey. Q> Can this be easily carried like any other tablet? Is it travel friendly? Yes, it is travel friendly and can be taken anywhere along.
Key Features
  • Sturdy Table Top Design - The sturdy build of the device, high-quality sound speakers, high-resolution screen; all enhance the student's learning experience.
  • Snapbook - A BYJU'S proprietary feature which uses Machine Learning algorithms to provide recommendations to students based on the content in their textbooks
  1. When a textbook is placed in front of the device, Snapbook can identify the content and suggest relevant Videos, Tests and Practices on the BYJU'S app to help students
  2. Snapbook functions based on a computer vision algorithm developed in house. The model has been trained with over half a million data points used to provide contextual recommendations.
Quick Specs
Feature Specification
Display 10" HD, Ambient Display, Watch or Play modes, Large Laptop like screen with apt eye-facing for kids
Behaviour Better grip and soft-touch finish, Hands-Free Placement
Design Hands Free Child Friendly, Sturdy and Heavy Design, Premium look or feel, Designed to minimize distractions
Camera Down Facing Camera and Front facing/Selfie Camera - 8MP
Speakers Forward Facing, Various sound modes, Sound Tuning
Processor Mediatek 8183
Battery 3.4V 6400 mAh
Operating System Android 10
*Shipping only available in India.
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Fun visuals and interactive animations on the BYJU'S app help them learn concepts for life.

Mother of Meryl, Grade 6

Mrs Sujita Mammen

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The app has introduced Vibha to a new and interactive way of learning which has helped her become a self learner.

Mother of Vibha Ajmera, Class 8

Bhavana Ajmera

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BYJU'S makes learning fun with simple video lessons and games. Now, Maths is their favourite subject!

Mother of Varshini, Grade 10

K Neelam