BYJU’S The Learning App - Class 9 (Renewal)

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Why BYJU'S The Learning App?
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BYJU'S The Learning App is every student's favourite learning companion
India's Best Teachers

We have the top teachers from across the country, where every lesson is taught using world-class technology and realistic visual aids. These life-like videos helps the students to strengthen their fundamental concepts and learn consistently.

Specially crafted for every type of learner

Everyone is a unique learner and studies at their own speed and with different methods. The BYJU'S app understands this and creates a special learning journey for each student. It helps them know their strong areas and identify topics that require more attention.

Adaptive tools to simplify learning

Language should never be a barrier to learning. The BYJU'S app allows students to watch study videos in their language of choice. With video functions like subtitles and speed control, they can fast forward or slow down the lecture according to their convenience.

Unlimited practice & in-depth analysis

Tests become fun for students with creative practice formats like sliders, bubble bursts, picture sorts, and word puzzles. Additionally, they can refer to visual solutions and video suggestions to clarify their doubts and learn from their mistakes.

One-on-one guidance

Every student's monthly performance is tracked by a dedicated mentor who provides regular counseling to both the parents and the students. They monitor each student's growth in detail and offer valuable recommendations so that they can improve and achieve higher scores.

Comprehensive study material

The BYJU'S app allows students to learn anytime and anywhere. They have access to concept videos, practice modules, quizzes, revision tests, and other learning materials, which make learning engaging and simple. Additionally, the end-to-end mapping of chapters to their board syllabus (CBSE, ICSE, IB, State boards, etc.) makes their learning journey easy.
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Fun visuals and interactive animations on the BYJU'S app help them learn concepts for life.

Mother of Meryl, Grade 6

Mrs Sujita Mammen

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The app has introduced Vibha to a new and interactive way of learning which has helped her become a self learner.

Mother of Vibha Ajmera, Class 8

Bhavana Ajmera

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BYJU'S makes learning fun with simple video lessons and games. Now, Maths is their favourite subject!

Mother of Varshini, Grade 10

K Neelam