Annual Exam Revision - Live Classes - Class 7

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Be 100% ready for your Annual Exams this year with BYJU’S Annual Exam Revision classes

This is a 4 week program with 3 classes/week where you will be getting help with improving scores of your Annual exams.

  • In the classes over the month, we will discuss how to approach and solve at least 40 most important questions from all the annual exam chapters for each subject.
  • For each question, we will also explain how to write the solution in the exam paper and expected marks for each step.

We will also revise important concepts before discussing questions.

There will be a class on how to strategise and improve your scores in exams with special tips from teachers.

Post each class, you will be provided with:

  • Important Questions : A PDF which contains the textual questions and solutions with step wise marking scheme for the questions which were discussed inside the class + Extra questions which are part of the essential 100.
  • Chapter Notes: A PDF for the chapters taught in class with important pointers, definitions and diagrams to help revise and recollect the concepts whenever needed.

Free 1 month unlimited access to BYJU’S Premium App access 50,000+ videos lessons, chapter wise practice tests, quizzes and much more.

Program End Materials:

We will also share compiled chapter notes for all chapters for each subject and a comprehensive list of essential 100 questions from each subject by your last class.

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"I found a steady routine with BYJU'S Classes. Thanks to the app, I could study at my own pace and become a better learner."

Class 10, Rajasthan

Pranshu Jhunjhunwala

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"Thanks to BYJU'S Classes, I have learned to streamlime my study routine and prepare for my board exams."

Class 10, Punjab

Chaahat Baghla

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"The BYJU'S Classes helped me get a better udnerstanding of the concepts. At the end of every live class, the teachers discussed the important areas to focus on, which help me prepare well for my board exams."

Class 6, Bareilly

Noor Alam