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Aakash BYJU'S, recognized as India’s most trusted name in JEE coaching and the world's largest digital learning company, presents the Self Paced JEE Preparation Course. This course is an amalgamation of Aakash's decades-long expertise in JEE coaching and BYJU'S revolutionary technological approach to learning, tailored for the challenging JEE Main and Advanced exams.

Subjects Covered
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

Why Choose Aakash BYJU'S Live JEE Course?
  • Foundation for Excellence: Our program focuses on building a robust foundation, enhancing students’ understanding and problem-solving abilities from a young age, crucial for JEE's selectiveness and vast syllabus.
  • Tailored Learn Journeys: A meticulously curated journey of videos that caters to proper understanding of concepts for each topic.
  • Advanced Learning Technology: Experience learning like never before with powerful visualizations and personalized learning journeys, accessible on both web and the Aakash BYJU’S app.

Key Features
  • Innovative Pedagogy: Our methodical approach includes a blend of theory and practise with utilisation of visualisation to improve understanding, ensuring an in-depth understanding and application of concepts.
  • Comprehensive Study Material: Gain access to a wealth of resources including ebooks, formula sheets, mind-maps, and additional support materials like practice question sets, rapid revision materials, and more.
  • Targeted and Adaptive Practice: Engage in a structured practice regime with homework for every class, adaptive practice sessions tailored to your learning pace.
  • Testing Solutions: Prepare with a variety of tests, including Chapter Specific Tests, Chapter Bundle Tests, Half-Syllabus and Full-Syllabus Tests, Previous Years Papers and Mock PYPs. Additionally, you also can also benchmark yourself at a National level through All India Test Series, and also, experience simulations of the actual exam environment.
  • Periodic Quizzes: Daily quizzes and other weekly challenges for students to compete via Leaderboards or simply challenge themselves in various concepts and test their understanding.
  • ‘Ask-a-Doubt’ Feature: EImmediate resolution of doubts through image, text, or scribble inputs.
  • Study Planner: A pre-created planner for students for a structured approach to preparation till the day of the exam along with important benchmarks such as tests, revision time and exam dates.
  • Parental Involvement: Stay informed with regular progress updates and detailed monthly reports, facilitating a supportive learning environment at home.

Course Structure
  • Preparation Span: JEE Preparation requires a focused preparation of 2 years, covering an extensive syllabus approximately three times that of class 10 for each Class 11 and 12.
  • Curriculum Design: The curriculum is scientifically designed to move gradually from basic to advanced levels, ensuring a stress-free learning progression.
  • Library Videos: EVideos with a combination of relevant topics together to provide a holistic understanding along with hands-on solutions to exam oriented problems for the topics.
  • Learn Journeys: A culmination of videos, each chunked into 3-4 mins and arranged in a certain flow to stimulate a rich learning experience along with adhering to the attention span of students added with interactive questions to practise after each concept.

Faculty Excellence
  • Master Teachers: Be taught by the best in the field, such as Nitin Vijay Sir, Gavesh Bhardwaj Sir, Shishir Mittal Sir, Apurva Mathur Sir, Bhoomika Rohra Ma'am, Kartikey Sharma Sir, and Nitika Duggal Ma'am; ensuring you receive top-quality education and insights.
  • Expert Faculty: Learning from the best teachers in the country, who are rigorously selected and trained to provide the highest quality education.

Enrollment and Access
  • Accessible Anywhere: Learn from anywhere with our online platform, which brings the best teachers and resources directly to you.


Embark on your journey towards JEE success with Aakash BYJU’S Self Paced JEE Preparation Course – a perfect blend of traditional teaching excellence and modern educational technology.

"I chose Aakash BYJU'S for my JEE Mains and Advanced Preparation because the Classroom Environment given there is friendly to me. Also, Aakash BYJU'S has provided me the freedom to study according to my convenience."

100%ile, JEE Main 2024

Rishi Shekher Shukla

"I got to know about Aakash BYJU'S due to the consistent rankings their students secure in JEE Mains and Advanced and decided to persue JEE because of my love for Chemistry and Mathematics."

99.99%ile, JEE Main 2024

Sri Ram A

"I felt Aakash BYJU'S was a great choice for me when I was in Class 11 and it has proven to be so. The test series towards the end was probably very important in helping me identify any weak concepts"

Air 27, JEE Advanced 2023

Aditya Neeraje