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Disney BYJU'S Early Learn with OSMO (SD Card Only) - 1 Year Program

Disney BYJU'S Early Learn with OSMO (SD Card Only) - 1 Year Program

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The Disney|BYJU'S Early Learn Program is designed by learning experts to encourage young learners to develop core skills while learning alongside timeless Disney characters. It builds upon foundational topics in Math, English, and Science through video-based learning and other delightful interactive experiences.

3000+ learning activities

2000+ interactive, phygital worksheets

1000+ parent-child activities

Regular progress reports

Medium of instruction:


Program Offerings:

  1. Disney | BYJU’S Early Learn App
  • Engaging instructional videos to introduce topics and instil conceptual clarity
  • Interactive quizzes featuring popular Disney characters to apply topics learned
  • Magic Workbooks featuring Jane as a study buddy to encourage practising independently
  • Comprehensive Study Plan that is customized to cater to the child’s progress within the academic year
    1. OSMO Tangrams (For classes 1, 2, 3): Practice Math and English through phygital play (physical + digital); create endless designs with multiple difficulty levels.
    2. OSMO Little Genius Kit (For LKG/UKG): Hands-on learning adventure to spark children’s imaginations, and help them learn critical skills.

    Salient Features:

    • Experienced Product Experts who are just a phone call away to solve queries
    • Monthly Learning Sessions to help with the 
    • Detailed Study Plan that enables forming a sustained learning habit
    • Conceptual Clarity through varied formats that cater to different types of learners
    • The comprehensive progress report that provides regular updates on the child’s journey
    • Parent-child activities to foster bonding while learning and practising
    • Parental Controls which help parents track and control the usage of different apps on the device

    Validity: May 2024

    Note: Workbooks are shipped separately post the order is confirmed. Only existing users of Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn Program with Samsung/Lenovo Tablets, eligible for next grade, can purchase this product as this SD Card will work only on the Samsung/Lenovo tablets with the existing OSMO device. Tablets are not included in this product.